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Windows 8

Tips and Tips Part 2

10 Cool Features


Scott Sekinger


Windows 8 is a lot different then any earlier version of Windows, but in my opinion it has a lot of appealing features. This article will go over some of the cool things that Windows 8 offers Below are the top 10coolest new features I like in Windows 8


1. Windows Store - Windows 8 comes with an App Store, which allows you get software. Some you have to buy and others are free. The store contains a wide variety of software from games to productivity programs. The store contains programs for the new Windows 8 interface, and traditional interface. You can access it by clicking on the Windows Store by click on the “Store” Tile on the new Windows Start screen.


2. Faster Startup - Windows 8 offers very fast start up. Windows Fast startup is a configuration setting that helps your computer start up faster after shutdown. Windows 8 starts up faster by saving system information to a file upon shutdown. Windows 8 uses this information to resume your computer instead of restarting it. This feature is on by default,


3. Windows Defender Antivirus – Windows 8 comes with a version of Windows Defender, which is built version of Security Essentials. With Windows Defender you do not need to install an antivirus. Windows Defender is not the best antivirus, but it is very good for a free antivirus, Windows Defender is turned if you have another antivirus installed. You can access by clicking on the Start button on your keyboard, type “Windows Defender “


4. Syncing Data – Windows 8 comes with the ability to sync your data in the cloud. Your address book, photos, SkyDrive data, and even data within third-party apps can be sync up to the cloud, and you can access them on any Windows 8 device—even a brand new one. Just sign in, and you'll have access to everything. You can access by clicking on the Start button on your keyboard, type “Sync Center “, click on “Settings” on the right, and then “Sync Center “.


5. Storage Spaces – Windows 8 comes with a feature that allows you to combine multiple drives into one large amount of storage space. Check out the article at http:o // and the YouTube video at to learn more. You can access by clicking on the Start button on your keyboard, type “Storage Spaces “, click on “Settings” on the right, and then “ Storage Spaces “


6. Windows Refresh and Reset – Windows 8 has a very cool feature that allows you to reinstall Windows in case Windows starts to act goofy. The Refresh feature will keep all of your personal files, setting, and any apps you got from the Windows Store. The Reset feature erase everything and then reinstall Windows. You can access by clicking on the Start button on your keyboard, type “Refresh “, click on “Settings” on the right, and then on the option you choose to do. You can make your own recovery disks to either Refresh or Rest your PC. You can access by clicking on the Start button on your keyboard, type “Recovery “, click on “Settings”, and the on “Create a Recovery Drive”

7. Windows Explorer – Windows Explore has been updated to the new Ribbon interface like the one you see in Office. Windows Explorer also has native mounting of ISO files. A quick access toolbar has being added to give fast access to your favorite shortcuts. The new Windows Explorer new file copy dialog that makes it easier to manage move-and-replace actions with lots of files.

8. Scheduled Maintenance – Windows 8 comes with ability to run maintenance task on a schedule. This includes task like software updates, security scanning, and other diagnostic tests daily.

You can manage these task through the “Action Center”. To access the “Action Center” just type” Action Center” click on “Settings” on the right, and then “Action Center “.

9. More Monitor Support – Windows 8 extends the taskbar across both screens. You can move one app to the other monitor with the press of two keys. You can press Win+PgUp to move your current app to your left monitor, and Win+PgDn to move it to the right monitor. You can have one desktop wallpaper one monitor, and a different one on the other.


10. Take Faster Screenshots – Windows 8 now has a faster way to take a screenshot. If you press Win+Print Screen (or Win+Volume Down on a tablet), Windows will take a screenshot of your screen and automatically save it in your Pictures folder as a PNG file.


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