Scott Sekinger



What Is VoIP:


VoIP stands for Voice over IP.  It is a technology that allows you to use a computer network like the internet to make phone calls over the internet using a fast connection like DSL, or Cable.

How VoIP Works:

How VoIP works depends on the equipment you are using.


If you are using a computer all you need to do is to install special software like Skype and a microphone. Get a good microphone headset if you decide to use to use your computer for VoIP to cut down on background noise and feedback. VoIP software works by you entering the phone number or the IP address of the person you are trying to call.


If you use a telephone you need a special adaptor hooked to your phone and VoIP provider.  Checkout VoIP Providers List When you make a phone use VoIP it converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the internet then converts it back at the other end so you can speak to anyone with a regular phone number. The people that you can call depends on the service you purchase. Some services do make pay a small fee to make long distance charges

Advantages and Disadvantages Of VoIP:


Advantages Disadvantages
VoIP offers services that are  not provided because it uses a digital signal Not all VoIP service support 911
You can talk as long as you want to some one far away with no or little cost. Some providers do not work when the power goes out.
VoIP can make it easier to manage all of your communication devices. Requires a broadband connection like cable or DSL
  VoIP calls are harder to trace because it uses an IP address instead of a  phone number that is link to an address.