Things To Do When You Get Your PC


Scott Sekinger



The following are things you should do when you get your PC.

1. Make sure that every thing came with the PC, monitor, printer and everything else you bought at the computer store or you got by mail order.

2. Test as much of the following shortly after you hook the PC up. These include: any floppy, CD / DVD, CD-RW / DVD-RW, CD+RW / DVD+RW drives Also remember to test any media drives, such as the ones used for Sony memory sticks if possible. Remember to test out the reset of the hardware you bought. This will eliminate the possibility of paying to replace a part that never worked in the first place.

3. Make copies of any CDs /DVDs that came with your PC. You are going to have make your own CDs / DVDs if your PC did not come with any. Check your System documentation to see how to do so if your PC did not come with any CD / DVDs, These will allow you to reinstall applications or restore your PC back to its original configuration.

4. Write down or type in a word processor all serial numbers of the equipment you bought. This will save you time if you every have to call Tech support.

5. Put a copy of any CD /DVDs, system documentation that came with the equipment in an envelope, folder or a box to make them easier to get to when you need them.

6. Register Windows and any other software / hardware that you bought.

7. Update Windows and the Anti virus software that came with your PC.

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