How To Fight Spam


Scott Sekinger





Spam (Junk Email) can be a pain in the but, because once you get on a spammer's list it almost impossible to get completely off their list. The most important thing to remember is that once spammers have your email address they have it. This article will tell how you can cut down on the amount Spam you receive in your email's inbox.


1. Have two email accounts. Setup one account that you only give to family, friend, and people you trust. Setup the other account to give out to people you do not complexly trust. I recommend that you setup a account at either Yahoo, HotMail, Fastmail, Gmail, or SpamCop because they are free, and if you get a new if you get too much spam.


2. Do the following before you give out your email address on the web.

A. Read the privacy agreement.

B. Make sure that you do not have any check boxes checked that say that you are giving them permission to send you ads, or give your email address to their partners.


3. Keep your PC clean of viruses and spyware. For more information check out my article on Spyware Spyware What is it and how to get rid of it. Spyware can give out your email without you knowing about it.


4. Use the email filters that are built in to the email program you use. To find out how to use these filters go to your email program's help, and type Filter or rules in the search box. Filters will allow you to send emails you do not want to a folder that you can review at your leisure or right to the trash. Go to your web mail account and also setup the filters there. This will prevent you from having to download the Spam in the first place. If you still you want more spam protection install an AntiSpam program. Check out PC Magazines's article Antispam Tools: Can They Keep Up? for a round up on AntiSpam software before installing the software. Remember to test out any filter you test out to be sure that you are getting all of the email you really want in your inbox.


5. Do not click on the un-scribe link to any Spam message you get. The reason for this is because clicking on their un-scribe link gives them the notification that your email address is valid. They might stop send you spam but they would probably sell it to other spammers.


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