The Power Of RSS


Scott Sekinger


What Is RSS
RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. RSS allows you to subscribe to feeds, which downloads new website content to your computer automatically, and read the subscribe feeds like a newspaper. Two popular uses for RSS are to download news articles and to download podcast( a audio or video file). A RSS Feed is writing in XML (Extensible Markup Language ), which is similar to HTML. Goto to learn more about XML. Go to to learn more about HTML. In order to use RSS you need a RSS reader such one of the following:


Operating System

Windows / MAC
A powerful RSS reader.
This elegant Mac-like aggregator is easy to use and powerful.
A simple RSS Reader
The best RSS reader for Linux
Another good RSS reader for Windows
Check all your feeds from any web browser
MAC / Windows/ Linux
A RSS reader with an interface similar
How to use RSS
1. Download and install one of the programs mentioned above or do a search in Google or the search engine of your choice , and do a search for RSS reader to find another option. Firefox does have a very simple RSS reader built in.
2. Find the RSS or XML button on the site you will like to get the update content from automatically.
3. Follow the directions to adding the RSS feed to the reader you choose to download to add the feed to your reader. I recommend right clicking on the XML or RSS button and copying the link location of the RSS feed into the space provided in the RSS reader of your choice to add a feed.
You can go to a site like to find RSS feeds.