Helpful Printing Troubleshooting Tips


Scott Sekinger


Printer Will Not Print:


1. Check to see if you printer is on. I know sounds sup-pied, but it does happens.

2.Check all of your cables. Sometimes cables come loose and just need to receded, or even replaced. When looking at the cables look for signs of it been damages, such as loose pins.

3. Reboot your PC. Sometimes your hardware needs to be reinaliized by your PC.

4. Reinstall the printer driver. Sometimes drives become corrupted. To do this check out Microsoft's article

“To install new or updated printer drivers”, or Windows help.

5. Go to the manufacture's web site and get the latest drive, and more troubleshooting tips.


Printer Prints To Light:


1. Take the printer cartride(s) out shake them up a little and put them back in.

2. Checkout Microsoft's article To set printing resolution”to see how you can make sure your printer is set to the best printer resolution.. You can also decrease the printer's resolution to save ink.

3. If your printer is set to best resolution, and is still printing to light then it is time to buy new print cartridge(s).


Most printers will tell you when your ink is getting low.


Paper Jams


Paper jams are one of the most common problems people have when printing. Paper Jams can be caused by several things These include putting to much paper in the printer, putting paper that have wrinkles in the printer, putting the wrong type of paper in the printer, misaligned trays, or broken heads that feed the paper through the paper the printer. Check the printer's documentation to see how to deal with paper jams.