Downloading Tips


Scott Sekinger


There are several things you can do to make your downloading experience more efficient, organize, and safer even if you are still stuck with dialup.

Tips For Downloading Files More Efficiently

1. Try downloading from a website's download mirror site if one is available.  This can speed up downloading a little bit, and cut down on the bomb out downloads.

2. Try downloading the file(s) at a different time if you have problems downloading.

3. Use a download manager when possible.  This will allow you to schedule a time when you want to download the file that is more convenient for you.  A download manager can also allows you to resume a download if you have to stop downloading for some reason. A download can also speed up your downloading by open multiple connections to the server that you are downloading it from.. I suggest using Star Downloader for downloading files.

4.  Upgrade to broadband if are still using dial up if possible.

Tips For  Being More Organize When Downloading

Create a download folder to contain all of the files that you download.  Create a folder for each type of file that you download within the download folder you created.  This will allow you to find the file you want that you downloaded faster, and make it easier to backup the files you downloaded.  I for example have two download folders.  One folder is called Downloads which contains files that I downloaded, which I am still deciding if I want to keep or not.  The second folder is called Scott's CD-ROM, which holds programs that I want to keep. Remember to delete programs that you no longer use or you move to the folder you use to store the programs you which to keep.

Tips For Keeping Your PC Safe when Downloading Files

There are several things to keep your PC safe when downloading files.

1  Try to only download files from reliable, legal website.

2. Scan all files you download for viruses. Remember to keep your definitions up to date.

3. Scan your PC for Spyware / Ad ware often .  Remember to keep your definitions up to date

4. Try to keep track of your PCs behavior.  This makes troubleshooting any problems easier.