How To Get Rid Of Your Old Computer


Scott Sekinger


There comes a time in every Computer owner's life when they decide to get rid of there old computer. When you decide to get rid of your old computer it is very important to prepare your computer for disposal, and decide how you plan to get rid of your computer. Below are tips in both steps you should take to get rid of your old computer.

Prepare your Computer for disposal:.

  1. Backup all of your important information. This includes all of you documents, spreadsheets, databases, emails, favorites, pictures, etc. It is also important to backup any software that you do not have copies of..

  2. Run a secure eraser on your computer's hard disk(s) if possible. This will guarantee that the your personal data files are erased from the your computer's hard disk(s). If you can not run a secure erase program on the computer's hard disk(s) then you should use a magnet to erase the hard disk(s), or a hammer to destroy the computer's hard disk(s). I personally recommend Darik's Boot and Nuke because it is free, reliable and easy to use. It can found at  These programs require you to boot from a floppy disk, CD / DVD, or a USB thumb drive.  Consult your PC's documentation to change the boot order if needed.

  3. Re install all of the software that computer if possible.

  4. Pack up all of the documentation, software, and hardware that came with the computer. In my opinion printers are optional.

How Are You Going To Rid Of Your Computer:

There several way you can get rid of you old computer. These choices depend on how old the computer is and what shape it is in. You can do one of the following:

  1. If the computer is not too old ( 1 or 2 years old) you can try to sell it in the PennySaver, newspaper, or an auction site like Ebay. You can also try to sell to a used Computer store.

  2. You can donate to a non profit organization, such as a school, or a church..

  3. You could take it to a computer recycling planet to get rid your old computer. Check out or you computer's manufacturer for a recycler near you.