Backing Up Your Data With

Windows XP Internal CD Burning Software


Scott Sekinger



Backing up you data is very important. People who surfer from hard crash, or from some other tradgy that prevent getting to the data on their PC have learned the lesson the hard way. One of best ways to back up your data is to burn them to a CD or a DVD. In this article I will cover how to user Windows XP's internal CD Burning software. You will need a third party burning program to burn Data DVDs.


Due the following to burn a Data CD:


1. Insert a writable CD into your CD / DVD burner. A box should appear, asking you what you want to do with the CD. Click on the Writable menu item and click OK if the box appears. Double click on My computer and then on the CD / DVD burner drive if the box does not appear.

2. Double click on My Computer, and double click on the drive where the files/ folders are that you wish to backup.

3. Click on Edit-> Copy or press <CTRL> +<C>.

4. Switch to writable folder, which was opened when you inserted and click on Edit-> Paste or press <CTRL> +<V>. The files / folders will appear as short cuts in this temporary folder.

5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have assembled all of the content that you wish to put on the CD in the C's File Management window.

6. Click on Write These Files To CD in the CD Writing Tasks pane.

7. Type a label for your CD or leave the label at its default of today's date if desired.

8. Wait until the files are written to the CD. A process indicator will let you know much time you have left.

9. Click on the Finish button.

10. Check to make sure that all of the file you want on CD are there.

11. Label the CD.