Protect Your Hard Work With Backups

By Scott Sekinger

The most important task you can do to protect your data is to backup your files. The reason why you should make backups of your important files is computers are not fool proof. There are a number of conditions that could happen where you could lose your files. These conditions include viruses, disks going bad, computer crashes, files becoming corrupted, or even human error. I suggest that you backup any of the important files that you work on that day. Management would like you to store all of your files on the network so they can be backed up at night. Your files should be stored on drive V: in Baltimore and W: in Greenbelt, under the directory / folder named (Your user name). For example, Mickey Mouse located in Baltimore would store his files under V:\Mouse. If you are concerned with other people reading certain documents, then use your "private" folder. In the "private" directory, which is a folder under your user directory, the files can only be read by you, once you are connected to the network.

You can backup your files is by:

1. Opening into the application like WordPerfect

2. Opening the document you want to backup.

3. Selecting "Save As" under the "File" menu.

4. Moving to the "3 1/2 floppy (A:)" by clicking on the arrow next to the "Save in" box.

5. Once you get to "A":, choose the folder on the disk where you want to save your document if desired, and click on "Save" button. Your document is backed up.