How to keep a copy of Windows Updates After Do A Windows Update


Scott Sekinger



It is very important to keep Windows up to date with all of the critical updates due to all of the security problems that Windows has. Unfortunately this can be a major pain in the neck. The following instructions will allow you to back up the updates once you download the. Warning you will have to run these updates manually, this only downloads the patches you do not have already, and you also need a CD or a DVD burner to backup the Windows updates.


1. Create a folder on your PC where you wish to put the updates.

2. Download the latest Service Pack to the folder you created in step one.

You can download it from Microsoft Service Pack Page , or from

The Software Patch. You can also order a CD from Microsoft for a small price.

3. Run Windows Update.

4. Click on “Personalize Windows Update” on the left hand side of the Windows Update Screen.

5. Check “Display the link to Windows Update Catalog under See Also.”

6. Click the Windows Catalog link.

7. Select the Windows Operating System you are using.

8. Click “Search.”

9. Put the updates you want in your download basket.

10. Select your Download location.

11. Click “Download Now.”

12. Run any updates you downloaded.

13. Burn the Download folder to a CD or DVD using the CD / DVD burning

software you have. I highly suggest keeping a couple of month backup in case

some thing goes wrong your current CD, or make a second copy of your

Window update CD.

You can start from scratch every time a new Service Pack comes out, because Windows Services Packs have all of the critical updates up to the point it was released.