Quick Keyboard Shortcuts

For Lotus Notes

By Scott Sekinger

Below are two tables with several shortcuts that will help you use Lotus Notes more efficiently.

Editing and formatting a document Shortcut
Copy any selected text to the clipboard to be pasted some where else in the memo CTRL+C
Cut any selected text you want to completely delete, or paste some where else in the memo CTRL+X
Paste any text you have copied or cut from a memo CTRL+V
Select all text in your memo. CTRL+A
Open properties box to allow you to quickly change the font, paragraph type, and paragraph margins ALT+ENTER
Increase the current font by the next available point size F2
Decrease the current font by the previous available point size SHIFT+F2
Bold text CTRL+B
Initialize text CTRL+I
Underline text CTRL+U
Return text to normal CTRL+T
Find and Replace CTRL+F
Find next and replace CTRL+G

Other basic task Shortcut
Close the current document or view you are in ESC or CTRL+W
Get help on the feature of Notes you are currently using F1
Lock Notes F5
Print CTRL+P
Refresh a view. F9
Save a memo you are working on in the draft folder to be completed at a later date CTRL+S
Create a new memo CTRL+M
Exit Lotus Notes CTRL+Q