Adding a Web Link To An Email


Scott Sekinger



Have you ever found an interesting website or a page on a website that you would like to email to a co worker, family member or a friend.  If so you are in luck you can easily do so by doing the following:

1.       Copy and paste the URL (Web address) from the address.  To do this click at the begin of the web address and press the <SHIFT> + <END> at the same time.

2.       Press <CTRL> + <C>, or click on Edit the Copy.

3.       Go to the place in the body of the email where you want the link to appear.

4.       Press <CTRL> + <V>, or click on Edit the Paste.

5.       Finish the email and click Send


It is important to note that the link is not clickable in most email programs until you send the email .