A Look at Windows 8 Ease of Access|Channel 9

A Look at Windows 8 Ease of Access | Channel 9


Below is an awesome look at the Windows 8 ease of access.



“Daniel Hubbell from the Windows Accessibility team joins me to talk about some of the features in the Windows 8 Ease of Access section. You may remember Daniel from a previous interview we did looking at his lab here on campus. While the Ease of Access panel is often used by those with disabilities, there are a number of features that can make all of our computing experiences better. For instance, if you’re doing a lot of reading late at night you might want to turn on high contrast mode (Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen) to reverse the colors and make it a little easier on your tired eyes to read. There are also settings like changing the size of text and icons and using the Magnifier. Along with these, Daniel walks us through some of the newer features in Windows 8. “